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The world from a Jewish Perspective

Posted by Shlomo Fleischmann on July 19th, 2007

Last week an official report was given about the strength of Al Qaida. Such information is seen as important. For the individual this may satisfy personal curiosity, but in general such messages are dangerous. They are dangerous because they deflect from our knowledge and concentration on the real enemy. Al Qaida made 9/11, but in this global war, Al Qaida has no more significance, than any action of any of the units of the German Wehrmacht during W.W.II. The world- enemy of today uses many names and Al Qaida is only one of them. The name of the world’s enemy of today, is Perverted Muslim Ideology and this is a global system of religious beliefs.When God gave His word to any of his people, it was not always clearly understood and therefore every religion needed further interpretations by their wise men. For Judaism and Christianity it was easier, because their basic laws were clearly written in the Ten Commandments. Islam is not based on the Ten Commandments and they show it every day in their incredible brutality and this - even against their own people. But the catastrophe that befalls the world today is not the cause of Islam as religion, but by those, who, by false interpretation of Islam pervert their own religion. The main and deciding war today is not so much between perverted Islam and the Western World – but between members of Islam itself. For us it is bad enough to be treated as infidels, but the straight Muslim is seen by the perverted, as renegade – traitor on their holy perversion.

For us, and the whole Western world it is important to be aware of all this.
The deeds of the perverted are brutal - and their words - lies and deceptions.
They understood it to create sympathy by many by pretending that they are the victims.The great Satan, the USA provoked 9/11- but also made it. The Westerners exploit their oil, insult their holy prophet, infect their life with our immorality, the poor Palestinian were made homeless by stealing their land and Israel builds criminally a protective wall.

If we could build a protective wall, or a protective Ocean – it would be good. But we can not do it. In Israel the rockets fly over the wall and in most the Western countries, there are enough sleeper terrorists amongst their decent people who are willing and soon be capable to create real mayhem.

World War III, which we are fighting is a very different war. We can not kill all the Islamic perverts, we can not imprison them, we can not occupy them and we can not convince them. The only, who are able to do this, are the normal Muslims. They can –though they have to do this discretely - assist the Westerns and eventually they will reeducate their perverted brethren, and this may take a long time – maybe generations.

Now – after more than 3600 U.S.troops killed in Iraq, many Americans just want the war to go away. This is a natural desire. Unfortunately our administration does not understand to explain to our people what the consequences would be. We spent too much time to speak about the perceived mistake to go into war. But we are surprisingly quiet when we should speak about the future. Iraq together with Afghanistan will fall to the perverts in no time. Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and most the countries of Islam will follow. You don’t have to be a prophet or even a strategist, just look at the map. If America would not embrace Iran from both sides via Iraq and Afghanistan, perverted Islam will be victorious. In this case Islam would not only destroy Western culture as we know it, but the decade long war with nuclear in coming could destroy all life on earth. Islam wouldn’t even mind. they get their happiness in heaven. Perverted Islam is ready to fight this war with all means - till victory. Are we?

It is therefore imperative for us to know the situation, to know the enemy and to know the consequences of defeat. We are sure that God will help us, but we better do also our part.

I am Shlomo Fleischmann

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