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Practical Advice for Jewish Singles

Posted by dalouf on March 21st, 2008

There are many fish in the sea. There is no one and only Mr. or Mrs. Right and no perfect person, only real people, with real imperfections. Finding love means being open to many possibilities and making compromises. You have to climb the mountain if you want to enjoy the view. Take reasonable risks and try new ideas. It is only a matter of time, patience and persistence before success comes.

the temptation to reveal too much about your personal life too soon. Avoid discussing with strangers about your real age, income, your ex-relationships, horrible dates, mishaps, legal problems, your psychiatrist. You never know how this information will be used. Discuss the future, the possibility for friendship, tell him/her about the ideal qualities, relationship, family that you might be interested in the future. Listen carefully to his/her reaction.

Keep distance from other single friends who had bad relationships. They will tell you all if you will just listen, it is spread poison. Don’t be picky - you will never find a perfect emotional, intellectual and physical match. You are facing hardship, disappointment. Instead, be selective: look for family values, integrity, compassion, commitment, intelligence, etc.

Mrs. Devora Alouf is the driving force and matchmaker behind numerous on line and real world Jewish ventures. Her Goal in life is to create as many Jewish families as possible and to that end she uses old fashioned shadchan methods as well as state of the art technology. For some earthly assistance in decoding heaven’s secrets on marriage and help to find your mate,we offer you our matchmaking service equal to none. Contact info: 305 948 9106 or email .

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