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The Federation welcomes all Jews to the Brevard area as well as those contemplating relocating here. To help accomplish this, the Federation distributes an informational packet. Among materials sent are Shalom Brevard a Jewish calendar and a current copy of our Federation newspaper. The Federation also provides information about synagogues, religious schools and Jewish activities. The newcomer's name is added to our mailing list and sent to area congregations and organizations for personal contacts.


Each Sunday morning on Station WNEL (920 on the AM dial),from 11a.m. to noon, the Federation presents "The World From a Jewish Perspective". Included in these weekly, locally produced broadcasts are Jewish history, music and culture, information about Federation - sponsored activities, interviews with area Rabbis and other local Jewish personalities as well as information on topics of concern to the Jewish community.


The Federation publishes a community newspaper caed The JFB News which is sent to approximately 2,000 homes. Included are articles about the local Jewish community, a calendar of upcoming events, coverage of Federation - sponsored or supported activities as well as insights into current issues of importance to Jews. In addition, we offer limited space to all Jewish organization and local synagogues. Also, if you are interested in advertising your business in our paper, call us at 321-951-1836.


By providing an opportunity for teachers in the local religious schools to exchange ideas and concerns, as well as to plan multi-school programs (such as field trips to the Holocaust Museum in Maitland and the activities surrounding the commemoration of "Jerusalem 3000"), the Federation demonstrates its commitment to education within the community. Subsidies to state or local educational conferences are also available.
Each year the Federation sponsors educational workshops for Religious School teachers and principals. In these intensive sessions, materials are provided, techniques demonstrated, art and music are discussed and opportunities for hands-on experience are offered.


The Federation assists local Jews in need and maintains a directory of public agencies for referrals and financial help when none other is available. A limited "emergency loan fund" also exists when recommendations are made by our Social Service Committee.


The Federation maintains a list of various professionals in the community willing to provide care and service to area Jews in need. The list includes attorneys, counselors, dentists and doctors. If you are in need of assistance or wish to volunteer your time, please call us at 321-951-1836.


The Federation, through the United Jewish Appeal, arranges a unique travel experience to Israel (for students as well as adults). During these missions participants meet with key Israeli decision makers, explore the needs and concerns of Israel and tour the country under UIA auspices. These missions provide educational and social opportunities not available elsewhere.


The Federation Education Committee, in response to community requests, provides Judaic information for public use or display. The exhibitions have, in the past, included Hanukah informational panels and an exhibit of holiday artifacts and information at the Brevard Community College's World Resource Center and the Melbourne Square Mall.

Our Holocaust exhibits are continuously available for use by the community as a whole as well as the public schools. Speakers are often requested along with- these exhibits and the Federation accommodates these requests through our volunteers and Shoah survivors. The Federation has provided, and will continue to provide, materials and teacher workshops to assist the implementation of Florida's requirement to teach the Holocaust in all public high schools in the state. Yearly, the Federation provides a scholarship for a teacher to attend college courses dealing with the Holocaust.

Informational, historical and Jewish educational display panels are available for use in classrooms and public areas. A new Resource Center with videos and books to be used in Religious and public school classrooms is located at our Federation office at 311 Sixth Avenue, Indialantic, FL 32903. Area congregations and religious school teachers may check out reference materials and reproduce activity packages.



Annually, the Federation sponsors a "Jewish Festival'. This is an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate Jewish culture. It is part bazaar, part educational, part trade show, part entertainment and all fun. Jewish organizations, area congregations and some local businesses are invited to bring Judaica, foods and other culturally-identified products to offer or sell to the public. Historic displays, music and dancing as well as educational activities make this an enjoyable and valuable Jewish experience.


The Federation funds and sponsors a program and memorial service every year with local congregations serving as hosts. In commemorating the six million Jews who were killed by Nazi Germany during World War 11, the Federation coordinates this community effort to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust, to inform the community about the destruction of European Jewry and to teach our young people so future generations will never forget what happened.


This cultural event is sponsored annually by Federation at a local theater. It is an opportunity for our Jewish community to learn about our Jewish heritage, socialize and be entertained during this weekend of film and video presentations. Selections deal with universal Jewish themes through drama and comedy.


The Jewish community celebrates Yom Ha'Atzmaot through the Federation and its activities, often in conjunction with the Jewish Festival.


The Board of Directors consists of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and twelve Directors-at-Large. The Executive Board serves a one year tem Director positions are two year terms, staggered so that each year four Director positions are up for election. According to the By-laws, all members of Federation may attend the monthly Board meetings and are encouraged to serve on any of our comrffittees: Finance, Social Services, Culture and Education, Community Relations, Youth, Scholarship, Foundation, Long Range Planning, Newspaper and the UJA /JFB Campaign-

Since all of the programs and services provided by Federation are volunteer efforts, your participation is essential for this organization's success. Please call our office at 321-951-1836. Your time and talent will be much appreciated.

Membership in the Federation is available with a minimum deductible gift of $36 to our annual campaign.


The Federation sponsors an annual fundraising drive to support the needs and programs of the Jewish community. Among the recipients of our combined campaign are national agencies such as the United Jewish Appeal and Hillel. Our philanthropic budget allocates funds to needy Jewish individuals, local charities, provides scholarships for Jewish children to attend local and steep- away Jewish camps. We are proud to sponsor educational and cultural events.


The Federation promotes the "Jewish Community" within Brevard County as a whole. Strong relationships with elected government representatives, the media and communal organizations in the county exist due to the efforts of our Board of Directors. The Federation distributes a current Jewish calendar to the public schools, provides curriculum and speakers for Holocaust education and responds to serious challenges and concerns which develop within the community. Sponsorship of such programs as a Congressional Candidates Forum is an example of our on-going community relations efforts.

The Federation links the local community with Israel and Jewry worldwide. We strive to bring all Jews in Brevard together to promote and sustain Jewish continuity and survival through programs like the Jewish Festival, by providing scholarships to public school teachers to attend Holocaust Education seminars and a community calendar of Jewish events in our area.


For singles and couples 25 to 40-something, the Federation and UJA offer a unique opportunity to become acquainted with and be a part of Brevard's Jewish community. Commonly known as Young Leadership, this group is integrally involved in all Federation activities, serves on committees such as Youth and Campaign, has a seat on the Board and annually hosts a community Family Fun Day. Its goals are to educate, develop and promote leadership in the community. It is from this nucleus that Federation will draw its leaders to continue the myriad efforts of our Jewish community.


Alone or in conjunction with area synagogues, the Federation sponsors educational opportunities. Jewish history and conversational Hebrew, taught by professionals, have been offered to the community. Temple-sponsored classes taught by Rabbis or local teachers are available as well. Contact the Federation office at 321-951-1836 for information.

Both Rollins College (Winter Park Campus) and the University of Central Florida (Orlando Campus) offer credited classes in Judaic studies. Contact the colleges directly.