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Israel's Dream is Peace with Security

Title Author
Proposes reentering Area A Herut MK Michael Kleiner
INTIFADA Shlomo Fleishmann
An Arab call for Peace MEMRI
OBJECTIVITY and THE MEDIA : Mideast conflict Rabbi Shraga Simmons
We affirm our solidarity with Israel Elie Wiesel
Middle East: Israel Faces Pressure At Two UN Bodies Robert McMahon
Letter from an Israeli citizen who used to live in America Stuart Goldstein
Israel is at war! Rabbi Richard D. Agler
Nowhere left to go Danny Rubinstein
"The Peace will have to Wait" Aryeh Kaspi
Senators slam Arafat in letter to Clinton Nitzan Horowitz
We forgot our justness Ari Shavit
Arafat's War Charles Krauthammer
The Season of Using Force in the Middle East Has Arrived Daniel Pipes
Dooming ourselves to oblivion Israel Harel
Oslo Peace : Special Blessing or Huge Blunder? William Katzberg
CAMERA Talking Points Lee Green
Many useful lessons to be drawn Ze'ev Schiff
Israel Needs an Ally William Safire
"Yasser, Do Not Be Mistaken" Sever Plotzker
Concessions to the Arabs are destroying the foundations of Zionism Ari Shavit
Cracks in the wall Moshe Arens
"The Intifada of Al-Aqsa" - Roots and Goals Yigal Carmon and Yotam Feldner*
Palestinian Summer Camp Offers the Games of War John F. Burns
Tanzim vows to escalate the violence Daniel Sobelman and Amos Harel
When Media Becomes Malignant
Rabbi Avi Shafran
A Feast of Retreats
George F. Will
Crash Course in Middle East History
Is This Peace or Suicide?
A. N. Rosenthal
Afraid of the Truth
Natan Sharansky

The Arab Response is Hate and Violence

Title Author
More myths of the Middle East Joseph Farah
Palestinian Child Sacrifice Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg
Come all to Jihad - "Hayya 'Ala al-Jihad" Dr. M. Kedar
Radical Islam: The Enemy In Our Midst Patrick Goodenough
IDF fears Arafat is pushing for full-scale regional war Amos Harel
Barghuti: Tanzim can't stop the Intifada Danny Rubinstein
Fateh Calls for National Unity, Escalation of Intifada Izzat Ramini Izzat Ramini
"Wherever you are, kill those Jews...." MEMRI
Myths of the Middle East Joseph Farah
Palestinian Police Helping Hamas Prepare Attacks Lieutenant Colonel Udi Lev
Why Do Children Learn the Art of War During the Peace Process: A Review of the Palestinian Authority's Teacher's Guide David Bedein
PA TV Broadcasts call for Killing Jews and Americans MEMRI
Marwan Bargouthi: Sharm el-Sheikh Summit will Fail, Intifada to Escalate before Arab Summit Izzat Ramini Albawaba.com
Leading Egyptian Cleric Calls for Jihad MEMRI
The Palestinian National Authority Izzat Ramini Albawaba
Palestinian Incitement to Murder Jews MEMRI
Wave of anti-Israel demos in Arab world Daniel Sobelman
Arafat's Hudaybiyah agreement Avraham Tal
Intifada Seen As Best Arab Option Associated press
"the only way to impose our conditions is inevitably through our blood" IMRA
PA Officials on Continuing the Intifada IMRA
Fatah editorial rejects peace education, peaceful coexistence developing with settlements or compromise on Jerusalem or refugees IMRA
Salam al-Marayati, Director The (American) Muslim Public Affairs Council IMRA
PA Leadership Calls for Continuing the Intifada
Official Fatah Website Editorial: Negotiating through Blood
Any agreement that detracts from our legitimate rights is void and not binding.
Itamar Marcus
Will Saddam Hussein Attack Israel?

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