Israeli Mitzvah Malls

Israeli Tzedakah Mall

Very often tzedakah is translated as “charity,” but tzedakah
is much more. The literal meaning of the Hebrew word is righteousness
or justice. For Jews, tzedakah is not merely a gesture of kindness, but
an act of justice.

Please take a moment to give ”justice” to those
Israeli Jews in need!

Visit our Tzedakah Mall

Israeli Merchandise Mall

The people of Israel desperately need your help. If you are unable to
visit Israel at this time, show your support and buy Israeli products
from Israeli companies. Take a virtual shopping spree, Israel-style.
The merchandise is beautiful and doing the mitzvah will make you feel
great. Remember, every time you buy an Israeli product you put food on
Israeli tables and deliver hope to our people.

If you don’t help your Israeli brothers and sisters
in their time of need, who will… and if not now… when?

Visit our Merchandise Mall

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