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Links for Bridging Religious & Secular Jews:

Common Denominator Common Denominator is a group of educators, rabbis and phychologists from diverse religious, political and social backgrounds. They are creating and implementing a 6-year curriculum of 30 workshops per year for the Israeli education system, which develops the motivation and skills needed for a respectful and caring Jewish society that works together for a better Israel.

Gesher Gesher is the bridge in the gap between religious and secular Jews in Israel. Gesher creates peaceful dialogue within Israeli society. Gesher's mission is "to promote a society in which being Jewish forms the bond that unites, not the wall that divides."

Meir Panim Meir Panim Soup Kitchens in Israel: One of the guidelines for the establishment of this prestigious organization is to integrate all strata of Israeli society into the project and generating a spirit of community among all types of Jews. Currently, Meir Panim operates eleven relief centers feeding 5,600 diners daily, where both religious & secular Jews work side by side for the cause of assisting the needy.

The Shalom Beinenu Foundation The Shalom Beinenu Foundation is a non-profit, apolitical organization dedicated to nurturing peaceful relations between religious and secular Jewish communities in Israel.