Simcha Notes

Kvell on your simchas and share them with your family, friends and the
immediate world. Happy occasions like births, bar/bat mitzvoit, school
graduations, engagements, marriages or any occasion you are proud to

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May each day be filled with happiness and joy! is dedicated to the loving memory
of my Parents & Grandparents – Larry Heyman (Publisher)

Sylvia &
Jack Heyman
Sarah bis Moshe Mordechi &
Yaacov ben Dov Ber
Mollie &
David Heyman
Malka bis Yaakov &
Dov Ber ben Aharon
Yetta &
Saul Schreibfeder
Metta Yetta bis Yosef &
Moshe Mordechi ben Yehuda Eliezer

Stanley A. Cronig

You will be 85 years young in a few days.You are the sunshine in my day and
make life worth living. I adore you and wish you all the happiness that you deserve.

Cynthia Cronig, Your Loving Wife

Cantor/Rabbi Samuel Dov Berman

Congratulations on your Concert at The Appleton Museum of Art, Sunday, March 9, 2008, 4 pm: Israel @ 60: Melodies of Milk & Honey.Address 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala Florida. Tickets available by pre-purchase or at the door, call 352-347-2481, adults $25, Senior & Youth $22. A benefit concert in honor of Israel, for Temple Beth Shalom of Ocala Florida. With guest cantorial vocalist artists, Harold Orbach, Deborah Jacobs, Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Dale Berman, Chana Olmstead and Steve Berman: and
From your loving wife, Dale.

Rebbetzin Dale Berman

Judy & Bobby

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary!

Haim Tzarichti


I liked your site.

Peter Jones

Michelle Barrett , Eric, and the kids

Mazel Tov to all of you, on the purchase of your two story, 3 car garage home in California, it is quite beautiful!!!

Your Sisters!

Michelle Barrett and Eric

Mazel Tov on your Wedding Announcment!! I wish I could be there with you guys!


channah yetta bat baruch tova

the best to my darling child who enters the 3rd grade excited by knowledge. may you stay healthy and achieve in this very uncertain time.

baruch tova ben labe chaim

YBO band

We are allway’s hapy to see you in simches specialy in our weekly wedding’s when we see you dancing with all you’re joy

YBO band


happy birthday for my little sister (: 2 years old I know she can’t read it but … lol

Dean Israel

dean , israel , Nhariya

Samuel Dov Berman

Congratulations of obtaining your Rabbinic smicha. A cantor/educator for numerous years and now a Rabbi!

Mrs. Dale Berman

Sean and Michelle Barrett

Happy Birthday Sean as of the 16th, and Happy Birthday Michelle, as of the 21st, I bet the two of you figured we wouldn’t remember since it’s been so long since we celebrated together. SURPRISE!!!
Your secret friends still at Temple Bnai Emmunah!

Secret Friends

Julia & Col Ravinsky- Reaboi

Julia, I hope the birth was a smooth process for you, Congrats on your FIRST son Leo…and Col on you THIRD son ….Col, you’ll have to start up your own basketball team soon….save up for College now…ha ha ha


Joshua Israel



Sheldon Geffon

Happy birthday to the best husband in the world!


Michelle and Joshua Barrett

MAZEL TOV on writing and doing your own rap song, and Michelle, for being the very first person to open and sing at temple last Sun…you have a gorgeus singing voice, we hope to have you sing again.

The Boys

Justin Barrett

Happy 7th Birthday Justin. We love you and are so very proud of you!

Mom and Dad

Lani Regis

Lani Regis attended the beautiful wedding of her eldest grandson, Eli, who is an officer in the IDF. Her other grandchildren, Yossi and Shoshana have finished their army duty and are now attending college..


Shirley Mirin

Shirley Mirin recently returned from Efrat after a wonderful visit with her daughter and family.


Edith Kaminsky

Edith Kaminsky attended the brith of her great grandson, born in Safad this past November. His name is Avram Shlomo and he is named after Edith’s husband



Happy Birthday and we love you very much,
Dee, Steven, Fannie, Stuart, Bracha, Elazar, Ze’ev, Yaacov, Sara, Moshe, Yeshuah & Dad



Im from Israel and its a lovely website!
and uri-is a miromem

Natan odn


Congratulations on the beautiful report card – five A’s and one B. I’m so proud of you.
:o) – xxx


Sam Bonar

Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah from all the Friedmans, Janis, Steve, Michael, Daniel & David.

Friedman Family

My Morah Yehudis Spevak

MAZELTOV TO YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ON THE BIRTH OF A BABY BOY!You should have alot of Yiddishe nachas from him!
Love,Avraham Chayim Kozlovsky and his family

Avtaham Chayim Kozlovsky

Nina & Kori Knisley

We are proud to welcome the newest addition to this loving family : Madison Anastasia Knisley.
She is beautiful and we are lucky to have her!

Jennifer Lanza

Biala Rebbe

We are proud to announce that his holiness, the Biala Rebbe, shlit”a, is visiting South Florida for a few days this week. If anyone would like to have a private meeting with the Rebbe please e-mail us at

Rabbi Rabinowitz