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Explore the unique features of is the only Internet portal of entry into all the dynamic Jewish communities in Florida. We provide a comprehensive view of each community and have become an important resource for Jewish life in Florida.

We have been online since 1999 and actively market our site. Last year we welcomed almost 700.000 visitors. We will assist you in getting more exposure to the fast-growing, active and affluent Jewish community.

  • Florida Jewish History: Jewish migration in Florida from 1763 to now.
  • Shabbat Candle-Lighting: Plus Havdalah times for all the Jewish communities in Florida.
  • Aishes Chayil: observes Jewish tradition and dedicated to family, friends and community.
  • County Coupons: a large variety of deals & coupons are available in most counties.
  • Shabbat & Holidays: English/Hebrew dates, candle lighting times & description of holidays.
  • Seniors: listing of statewide programs + national websites.
  • Kosher: The most comprehensive listing of kosher food & wine establishments in Florida.
  • Singles: listing of statewide organizations and events plus “frum”, national & international websites.
  • Real Estate: listing of realtors, builders, mortgage lenders and housing.
  • News from Israel: updated every 15 minutes. Israeli papers (English/Hebrew) & Arab publications analyses.
  • Israeli Mitzvah Mall: Israeli artisans, merchants and services in addition to Israeli Charities and Non Profits.
  • Travel: Florida Attractions, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Vacations, Gambling Cruises, Israel Tours, Kosher & Singles Travel.
  • Directory Listings: synagogues, social services, health facilities, organizations, ritual needs and more.

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