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Abu Abas is now the elected leader of the Palestinians

Posted on December 12, 2001

Shlomo Fleischmann

President Bush said that the United States would gladly accept an independent Palestinian State that would practice democracy based on tolerance and liberty.

This statement was said towards the Palestinians, but in reality he just announced the healing prescription for the whole world. There is no prescription against a tsunami or by other attacks from nature, but how easy would it be, to practice tolerance and let everyone live in freedom, as long they don't harm others. And because it would be so easy, it is so frustrating that it is generally not done. One does not need a skill of a professor or the power of an atomic bomb to live according to the simple but so invaluable golden rule. But millions of people have nothing better to do than to push their own opinions and beliefs unto others. Bin Laden wants to bring all of us - with Allah's help - his kind of happiness. But it doesn't make even their partner in faith - the Shia and the Sunis a lot happier.

So when the Palestinians believe that they can not tolerate the infidel Jews in their midst we understand where they are coming from. Abu Abas is no moderate, he just recognized that the way of violence did not work. He was chief-negotiator in Oslo. With his empty promises he did not only got the foothold in the territories, a recognized Palestinian Authority, assistance from Israel and the world, but he corrupted even many naive Israelis, who believed in the Oslo agreement and in the peaceful intentions of the Arabs.

Now, on one hand he sanctimoniously accepts the road-map,as this makes a good impression, but on the other hand he announces that he will not fight the terrorists. He will ask them for a piece, or hudna as they call it. And based on this hudna, the Arabs expect to get their Independence State. They will not have to dig tunnels from Egypt anymore, they will import the weapons freely in accordance with the laws of their new State.

President Bush wants democracy, tolerance and liberty. The Arabs give dictatorships, intolerance and bondage.

We can not change these discrepancies over night. But we may not forget for a moment who is right and who is wrong. When we compromise with justice- we compromise our own lives and we will not do this.

I am Shlomo Fleischmann

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Jonathan Feldstein
Abu Abas is now the elected leader of the Palestin
Drugs In Israel Are Called A “Modern Plague” Israel Anti-Drug Authority Responds to Drug Crisis Among Visiting American Yeshiva Students For information please contact Jonathan Feldstein at 646-452-9939, or Shamai Golan at 972-50-651-6511. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…. January 19, 2005 Jerusalem, Israel…..Responding to the reports in Israel this week of about the drug related death of a 19-year-old American Yeshiva student, and the arrest of four other American Yeshiva students (two from southern Florida) on suspicion of dealing drugs, the Israel Anti-Drug Authority and Israel Anti Drug Abuse Foundation have cast a wide net to address this problem. Haim Messing, the Director General of the Israel Anti-Drug Authority (IADA), has called for the creation of a Task Force to address the symptoms that feed problems of this sort, to reduce the risk for young men and women visiting Israel, and to provide education, treatment and recovery for those in need. In a statement from the IADA’s national office, Messing announced, “We invite and encourage all institutions at which American students are studying, to take advantage of the services provided by the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. We especially encourage other visiting students whether in yeshivot, universities or other programs, and their parents, family and friends, to use these services as a source of education and prevention, and, if needed, for treatment and rehabilitation.” The Israel Anti Drug Authority maintains a comprehensive web site, a Toll Free Anti Drug Hotline, 1-700-500-508, and in partnership with the US based Israel Anti Drug Abuse Foundation, IADA stands prepared to be of any help possible to those with a substance abuse problem themselves, those who know someone in need of help, or those who want information in general on issues relating to drugs and drug abuse in Israel. Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, the Israel Anti-Drug Authority is the sole national agency responsible for all areas related to drugs and drug abuse in Israel including education, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and law enforcement. Messing noted, “Drug abuse and addiction in Israel are a modern plague. There are hundreds of thousands of victims each year. This is a problem that prevents Israel from realizing its true potential. While drugs are a fact of life in many countries around the world, the problem in Israel is unique to Israel, created by conditions unique in Israel, and requires a unique solution. As these sad stories demonstrate, there is no segment of Israeli society that is exempt from this problem.” The Israel Anti-Drug Authority and the Israel Anti Drug Abuse Foundation (IADAF) are the leaders in fighting the war on drugs in Israel. The Executive Director of the Israel Anti Drug Abuse Foundation, Jonathan Feldstein, in a parallel statement, called upon all those who care about Israel and its well being to join these efforts. “While the problem is unique in Israel, there is a solution. We need all the help of everyone concerned to win this war, because it is a war that is winnable. Especially when we hear of American students having problems with drugs in Israel, we look within and renew our call to action.” IADAF can be reached at 646-452-9939 or by e-mail at [email protected] ### IADA – IADAF###

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