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Israel faces now a new danger

Posted on December 12, 2001

Shlomo Fleischmann
Jewish Federation of Brevard Copunty

A horrifying weapon encircles Israel and its name is; The Security Wall.The enemies around us, from near and far, use it as a time bomb against Israel. At will, they will bring it to explosion by activating their helpful ally - the UN and not only brand Israel because of this wall as a pariah, but also request a worldwide boycott against Israel.

We know and also the Arabs know that Israel will not capitulate, but even if not - this expresses the modus operandi of Jihad. As they justify their incredible aggression with their own holy values, the values of the infidels have to be put down as inferior and despicable. Therefore every means of the Westerners to defend themselves are declared as a transgression. The crime of Israel regarding the wall is undeniable and proven. Just look at the Western Wall even before 2000 years the Jews had the audacity to build a wall.

What the Jihadists count on correctly, is the softness and peacefulness of many of the infidels. Whether they present their second cheek or are just bearers of our old laws of morals and freedom - on these patsies they can always rely.

Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has no qualm to turn his holy shrine into a fortress. He is sure, the infidel will not dare to touch it. And if than even better. In this case it will only serve as prove of the badness of the infidels. It is a win-win situation, even if he does not count the benefit of the 72 virgins who would wait for him in the case of defeat.

The Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prison declared a hunger strike. Why are they not afraid that Israel would not let them continue till they starve to death? The help of physicians is already under way. For them it is again a win-win situation. Whatever will happen, Israel will be again accused as the villain. And some, in Israel, as also here, are contemptuous enough to believe that any, and even best human action will be reciprocated or made a slightest dent in the holy global war of Jihad.
But we Jews are the people of a wall. In Israel today it has saved already many lives. But the Jewish walls have also another purpose. We need a strong wall, not only, not to let bad people in, but also not to let our values and traditions out. When we learn from our Tora, when we study the Gemarrah, when we read how our sages fought and disputed and struggled?
Struggled for what? It was for our service to God and for betterment of man and mankind. On basis of our Jewish basic laws, the greatest efforts were made to protect life and bring justice for all. Tsedek, tsedek tirdof it is written you should pursue justice for all.

In the book of the Jihadists, something totally else is written. We need our walls not only for letting the fiend outside, but to keep our values inside. Our Western Wall is old and made out of stone, but it keeps our hearts and our souls warm. We have to fight that this Wall should stay the Western and not to become the Wailing Wall again.

I am Shlomo Fleischmann

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bob poris
Israel faces now a new danger
There are walls in place and/or being built to separate many countries. The Saudis are currently building a wall to keep out Yeminis. European countries have requested bids from Israeli companies to build walls to separate people in Europe. Our media never mentions them. Some, that objected to Israel's walls either have or are building walls similar to Israel's. Can't more be done to publicize thes facts in order to challenge the World Court, the UN, the EU or any that treat the Israeli/Jewish Wall as if it is the only one and therfore to be condemned? If they had any shame, they would be ashamed of themselves. The wall is in disputed land. No one has sovereignty over that land. It will eventually be adjudicated if and when there is an entity to talk to. Jews might be a light unto the nations but the nations remain in the dark. Israel must act in its own self interest whenever practical.The world will continue to condemn it regardless of merit. If it doesn't fight for itself, who will fight for it? Bob Poris
Dana Arnstein
Synagogues in Florida turning away Jews on the Hig
I am not a prominent Jewish Writer nor anyone that stands out in this community. What I am is a young Jewish adult that was raised to embrace my Judiasm and to be proud of my heritage. I had planned to go home for Yom Kippur to spend the holiday with my family in the Midwest, but had a sudden change of plans. I moved down here 9 months ago and like many people in my age group am not a member of a congregation here in Florida. I go to services once in a while during the year,to say Yizkor for my grandparents whom were my hero's in life, to feel closer to G-D when times are tough or just to celebrate my heritage. Since my plans changed and I have no family here, I decided to call several temples this afternoon to ask about Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur services. I was brought up as a Conservative Jew and feel comfortable in a Conservative Temple. I called the Temples today and explained to each one of them that my family was in the Midwest and that my plans suddenly changed and did not have anywhere to go for the holidays this year. I can't even begin to tell you how diheartening it is to have heard each time, "for $150 you can buy tickets to our services". Not, please come and pray with us on the holiest day of the year, especially since you don't have family here. I don't think I have ever in my life been so discontent with my religion. To me, in a time where intermarriage is at an all time high, when we are losing our own to different faiths, when so many people hide their identities as Jews and turn their backs on their heritages, HOW CAN A JEW EVER TURN AWAY ANOTHER JEW OR ATTACH CONDITIONS ON EXPRESSING THEIR JUDIASM?. I am sorry to say that here in South Florida, the Jewish Community is hypocritical and insincere. Is not about the money, it is not about wanting something for nothing. It is about turning someone away from their heritage, from worshipping with other members of their heritage and welcoming a person who is alone into their world so that they dont have to worship alone. My father was president of the temple I was raised in for many years. I know the financial commitments it takes to run a Synagogue. My Temple has never turned anyone away, and has left it up to them to decide when and if they could pay to worship. That is a Haymisch thing to do. I am extremely disappointed in the community here in Florida. Yom Kippur is the "Day of Attonement", a day when we pray for all the wrong we have done to others during the past year. A day when we pray for new beginnings and we pray for all of our loved ones to be well, to live another year and to bring Nachas to our lives and the lives they touch. Yom Kippur is a day when we seek forgivness, when we atone for our transgressions and a day when we pledge to make a new start for the coming year. Every year the sermons on Yom Kippur relate to how many people are not celebrating their Judiasm, how many young people are walking away from their heritage as the Chosen People and how the Jewish Community strives to reach out to those people to bring them back. My experience today makes me realize even more why a lot of my friends and aquaintences as young adults have no feelings about being Jewish. They dont go to temple to worship, they don't observe traditions and they are not members of a place that they can go to and be accepted for who they are rather than their finances. I on the other hand know who I am and am proud to be a Jew. I base that on my family upbringing, the traditions that were passed down to me by my grandparent and parents and how my temple back home always made me and every other person, whether they be Jewish or Non feel welcome. It is certainly not way I am made to feel as a young Jewish professional living in Florida wanting to celebrate being a Jew. After going through this today, I can honestly see why it may be easier for people to not acknowledge their Jewish heritage. A Jew should never turn away a Jew or put conditions on their observance ever!. Nor should anyone turn any other member of society away in their time of need. At the end of the day, a friend called me and told me that I would be welcomed at the Chabad. I took the number from her and called. I explained my situation as I had done previously with the other congregations I called today. I thought wrong as the person on the other end of the phone said to me, "no one should be alone on the holidays, we are sorry that you wont be with your family, but you are more than welcome to spend the holiday with ours." I hung up the phone and had tears in my eyes. The tears I figured out were tears of discontent, that my own Conservative Jewish Movement that I have spent many years being apart of was so eager to turn their back on me.

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