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World, protest Arab terror

Posted on November 11, 2002

Jacob Sharon

We, the Free World, protest Arab terror. We-- Israel, the Jewish people, the rest of the free world, and those who are not making money either with or from the Arab countries-- are sick and disgusted from acts and threats against free democratic societies by Arab groups and the states that support them. Israel, an example of a true democracy with a multi-party system that includes an Arab party, a Communist party, an ultra-orthodox party and the rest of the political spectrum, is facing one of the hardest known hurdles in history, especially Jewish history. While one may argue that the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem in ancient times was a more severe blow than today's situation and forced the Jew into exile, today's threats, in many ways, may even be more devastating. The enemy is merciless today, not looking to enslave us as in centuries past, but aiming, instead, at our very physical destruction. They take pleasure in killing our women, children, and the elderly for the sake of their Muslim religion and the promise of 70 virgins waiting for them in Heaven. They even murder their own brothers and sisters if they suspect that they're helping Israel or commiting "infidelity," dragging their bodies into the public square for display.

This is the enemy with whom we fight, our so-called "partner for peace." And this is his message for us and for the entire free world:

If you do not submit to Islam, the religion of submission, and if you are not a Muslim (a submitted one), then you are a prey to be hunted. You are a target for Jihad ( a holy war). This is the situation today, like it or not. Now, Free World, what are you going to do about it...??? We Israelis have to live with these insane acts daily. We see our dear ones being murdered and maimed, our buildings, homes, and stores being blown up, our lives and livelihoods shattered. Shall we give in to their demands and make a so-called "peace" with them at any price and hope that they will then behave? Or should we face the reality and hit them with all our power and might? Either one of these choices can be disastrous. In Israel's case, giving in to Palestinian and other Arab demands can bring it to the brink of annihilation. In an age of fast moving, modern weaponry, giving up strategic areas and military posts (which provide us with the buffer zones and minimum of extra time to mount a more viable defense), water sources and the like can bring about the end of the Jewish State.Jacob Sharon editor and glossy magazine

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Zak Grant
Jewishxpress protest Arab terror
Where can i get the magazine? Can you publish more articles from the publication, please?
Daniel Parrotta
I am so sick of it all
I am so sick of it all. I try to be positive, yet we all know that this game will more than likely never end. But, if/when it does, the weight of ignorance will only be replaced with a weight of negative relief. I was born in Canada, and for years on CBC have watched reports of this war(s) battled over endless years, instigated by mid-evil mentalities in the name of "Allah". I now live in the U.S. and our family is converting to become Jewish. After realizing and having a moment of epiphany in the conclusion that both Christianity and Islam have done more harm than good in the history of the world. Now that I am in the U.S., the media is just a sham that dances around the real importance of the U.S. and world news. My main news sources are the BBC, CBC and NPR. I have found your site today by chance, and what a clear and refreshing change to all the garbage that these multi-mogul "news-media" companies spoon feed the ignorant world masses. Keep up the excellent work. Enlighten those that not only realize the truth, but also those that need to be shown it. Daniel Parrotta

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